GoSee Awards (I won!!)

I’ve just learned that I won the Public award at the GoSee Awards 17, yay! It’s in the Screenings category which is for the whole portfolio (other categories are Portrait, Fashion, Nude, Architecture etc etc you can check all the winners here. When I got the email few weeks ago that I made it into the finals I was so happy and overwhelmed that my work made it into the top 20 portfolios and that I was in the company of all the other amazing finalists, some of which I’ve already known, both their names and their work and also some of the campaigns they did. I’ve been following GoSee for many years now, since I discovered them while I still lived in Europe. GoSee is in their words “a unique community of top creatives, attracting far more creative enthusiasts than those in the advertising industry alone. GoSee sets visual benchmarks and forecasts international trends”. As a finalist I was invited to attend Update Berlin, sadly I couldn’t go due to the engagements in NYC (and I have to admit that made me a little sentimental about my ‘past life’ in Holland when it was so easy to just ‘hop’ to Berlin, Paris or London at any time and just for a weekend)

This award is also special to me for two other reasons, one being that I’m not winning too many awards, and just one of the reasons for that is- I am not applying for them. And the reason I’m not applying that often is because after doing what I do for so many years now and having spent hundreds and hundreds of $$ to apply for various awards, exhibitions and such, I feel like there are a lot of instances that are just taking (financial) advantage of the‘emerging artists’ with all those open calls etc (you know those who charge you something like $60 to submit, than they keep spamming you with email reminders to submit and keep extending their deadline several times?) Well GoSee is not one of them (and there are also a few more, like Hasselblad Award for example).

The second reason why this award is extra special to me is that it is in the Public voting category, and I think my friends who voted for me contributed a lot to me winning this, and having friends who support you and your work is an award by itself, actually it’s the most important award! I am beyond grateful to have those kind of friends in my life, you know who you are and I love you<3


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