Linda & Linda

Do you also find that the name of the person you meet tells you something about them or what you could expect of them? (based on your experiences with the people with the same name or based on…whatever lol) I know this is not scientific but it works for me 90% of the time! And according to this (subjective) theory, the women whose name is Linda tend to be these amazing creative inspirational women who are unapologetically themselves and are also fun and kind and I tend to just click with them. I had a pleasure of spending time with two of those in the last two days so this name thing inspired me to mention them here and show my appreciation for Lindas!

Linda Nagaoka is officially the first person I met in NYC who was going to become my friend here- I met her a day after I just arrived to NYC to start my 1 month residency at Point B in 2014. We both attended Meredith Monk’s workshop that weekend and were both living in Williamsburg at the time. If I had to describe Linda in 2 words those would be : Art Life (title snatched from the movie about David Lynch) and that is not something to be defined or restricted by the medium, which Linda is certainly not. You can check out everything that she’s doing here. We got to collaborate on a performance piece called Insomnia (for which I did the video part that you can see here)  together with Erika Kapin (who did the music part and is also an amazing photographer and my 2nd ever friend I met in NYC who deserves to be written about separately) and that was so much fun- I have such great memories of this and I hope we get to do something similar soon! 

Also another thing about Linda Nagaoka that just blows my mind- she holds this Karate belt (not sure which color exactly but it impresses me nevertheless) and she can break those boards/bricks, whatever they’re called, I’m so proud of her for this! It was her birthday yesterday, I had an amazing time at her party and I’m so happy to call her my friend!



When I first met Linda Troeller just recently, I had no idea who she was- I just noticed her beauty and her unassumingly sophisticated and quietly elegant idiosyncratic style and presence and wanted to talk to her because she just fitted into my new project idea and I wanted to ask her to be a part of it. I had no clue that she was this famous photographer and artist and really- a New York City legend! (and I’m glad I didn’t know because that would have made me too intimidated to talk to her and I would have never met her) who spent 20 years living in the famous Chelsea Hotel. We all have read and known about Chelsea Hotel, but I never thought I’d get to hang out with someone who has been a part of that history. Atmosphere: An Artist’s Memoir of the Chelsea Hotel is one of the many books she published, and you can read more about it here in the New York Times or Resource mag articles about it. Linda Troeller has travelled the whole world both exhibiting her work (also with Nan Goldin etc) and as an educator- check out her website here for all the upcoming events and workshops! I’ve just had a wonderful day strolling around East Village with Linda- and our photo shoot turned into this performance art piece when suddenly all those kids from the neighborhood school passed by- Linda just stayed cool AF as she is by default! So happy to have met you Linda Troeller!