2017 2018

I've been reluctant to write '2017 in review' thing because there are still 6 days to go till the end of the year and in 6 days everything and anything can happen that could totally change how you remember 2017 (and I hope something amazing will still happen just because it can)

It has definitely been the year of the "New Normal" but I have to say 2017 has been quite good to me. It was also probably the year that I've been the most productive (quantity-wise at least).

So grateful for so many things in 2017, my freedom, my family being healthy and well, all the amazing people I've met and shared time with and all the experiences, and so much more - all which I learned (or, am still learning, not sure) not to take for granted!

2018, Onwards and Upwards, Happy New Year!