Bushwick Open Studios 2017...

... have taken place this past weekend and what a great weekend it was! Very happy to have participated for the 3rd year now, and I had this piece in the official group show and opening party at Beyond Studios  ! Was great to finally meet in person Cory Rice  and Suliya Gisele who also had their work (that I just love!) in the show.  My friend and awesome make up artist Irina  came 'all the way' from Upper West for this and she loved Bushwick! On Saturday among other things, I finally made it for the 1st time to Bizarre Bushwick to see the Creepy Clowns show by Meryl Meisler - I loved the venue, it's definitely on my radar now, and seeing or hearing Meryl is always so uplifting, she's just so... genuine! And a great photographer with a great energy and personality! 

I ended my BOS2017 weekend at the crazy closing party at House of Yes and my heart was full as I got to see the folks from Arts Letters and Numbers  who were visiting for the weekend from Upstate NY (they are the best and check them out,can't wait to go there again some time this fall/winter) 

And last but not the least, for all this I have to thank to Arts in Bushwick ! Thank you for the great weekend, for being so inclusive, and for publishing this little interview with me in your blog! And also for asking the question "If a movie is made about your life, who would play you?" I've been thinking about it since forever and couldn't wait for someone to ask! And the answer is - Kate Beckinsale!