Vogue Italia/Photovogue

A lot of people who follow me on social media (even some of my close friends!) got to think that I've been working and shooting for Vogue Italia, so here I want to 'demystify' that: I often post photos that were published in Vogue Italia online, and I always stress 'online' and 'Photovogue' : Photovogue is this amazing platform founded by Alessia Glaviano, (Senior Photo Editor at Vogue Italia and L' Uomo Vogue, Editor of Vogue.it and curator of the video interview series "Vogue Masters"), where all the photographers can sign in and make their profile and upload photos, that will be assessed by Alessia personally and also co-editors Chiara Noninno (who btw has one of my favorite instagrams and you should follow her- I have no idea how she finds all this crazy shit, I love it!)  and Francesca Marani- if the photo is approved it will show up online under photographer's portfolio on the Vogue Italia website. It doesn't have to be a fashion photo- it can be any category (like portrait, documentary, landscape etc etc) and I've been constantly encouraging all my photographers friends and acquaintances to submit! 

Just to add a little personal note here re: my history with Vogue Italia: In Dec 2010 Vogue Italia had it's (I think 1st ever) Portfolio Review in Milano- I immediately signed up, booked my flight and hotel, printed out my photos and was so excited about it- the night before my flight, The Hague is hit by an unimaginable blizzard, everything is covered in snow, my ride to the airport lasts 4 hours (!) instead of normal 40 min, but it doesn't matter anyway because all the flights are cancelled and I end up not going, and continue to lament  over my ill fate that prevented me form becoming the next Vogue Italia star. Little did I know that 3 years later, I would make it to that same portfolio review in Milano, and get totally destroyed by Alessia lol I mean that's how I felt,  she was super nice and constructive and helpful, but I just didn't want to, couldn't, hear what she was telling me. It took me months to recover from it and start shooting again. 

Looking back, that was such a valuable experience and Photovogue continues to be that for me. For people not familiar with the current photography scene, Alessia Glaviano is not just the editor of a (major) fashion magazine, but one of the top relevant names in the international contemporary photography world - to have your photos assessed by her constantly week by week is practically a free long term mentorship, and how great is that?? 

Thank you  Photovogue  for keeping me motivated and helping me grow! 

And you can see my Vogue Italia portfolio here